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Meet the Staff of Performance Select Cars

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Tim Tucker - General Manager

859-261-4444 - ttucker@performanceselectcars.com

I have been in the auto industry since 1986. After working at large Honda, Toyota, and Ford stores, solidifying my niche in special finance, Performance Select Cars has become the cornerstone of what I believe in. I've found my true passion is helping all individuals, no matter the situation, get into the car of their dreams. We've built a solid team of dedicated employees that are up to any task brought upon us, making that dream a reality!

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Tim O'Keefe - Business Manager

859-261-4444 - TOKeefe@shopperformance.com

I have been working with Tim Tucker in the auto industry for the past 10 years. Prior to joining forces with Tim, I've spent the majority of my life in the restaurant business. My passion for providing the utmost care and respect to customers is ultimately what has made my role in special finance so enjoyable. While still involved in the restaurant business, Bacalls Cafe, I've found the automotive industry allows me to unite my expertise in customer care and finance in a way that helps individuals in need of a vehicle, no matter the situation!

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Alyssa McGriff - Marketing Specialist

859-261-4444 - amcgriff@shopperformance.com

My passion for Marketing and Graphic Design are what lead me to Performance Select Cars, but the connections I've built within our community are what keep me motivated and excited to start each day. I knew this position was right for me after seeing how each member of the team truly celebrates the fact that every individual has a unique story. Rather than turning you away due to situations such as bankruptcy, repossession, or poor credit we embrace the ups and downs of life and work with you to find reliable transportation that suits your unique needs!